V 2009 Remake

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Visitors in 2009


They did not just arrive - they’ve been here for years! They infiltrated our ranks in human disguise since long ago.

Although the story of the 80s version were not quite like that, the 2009 remake version of V (Visitors) re-made in a more sensible, more seductive, more cunning and a spookier manner reflecting our present circumstances and technological standards, is likely to captivate us again in a post-modern sci-fi adventure.

One morning the ground begins to shake and the sky begins to get darker. A scary giant spaceship shows up in the sky. Similar scenes appear everywhere all around the world.

Unlike the 1983 version, the visitors address themselves directly to the human public audio-visually, turning the bottom of their spaceships into huge screens.

A cute and nice lady called Anna appears on the screen, asks the people not to be afraid, and says that they come in peace and they want to collaborate with humans.

An incredible offer one could hardly refuse: Treatment to diseases like cancer, sharing of their advanced technology and scientific knowledge. All they ask in return (in contrast with the 80s version, they state this directly without implication) is some water and minerals abundant on Earth which could help their struggling civilization survive.

However, there are those of us who are suspicious about the sincerity of the visitors and who think that they’re not coming for the first time, and well, who could blame them?

The cast of the show is very impressive: Elizabeth Mitchell whom we know from Lost as Juliette Burk, and Joel Gretsch from 4400 are starring as FBI agent Erica and Father Jack respectively. They are among the main characters (and heroes) who are looking to organize a resistance movement  to fight against the Visitors.