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Giant spaceships appear in the skies of the major cities of the world and soon they make contact saying that they come in peace and they want to collaborate with Earthlings. A small group of people who suspect the sincerety of the visitors start a resistance movement against them. However the visitors who are much more superior by means of technology and intelligence have already begun influencing the important leaders of the world and their following peoples...

The show which was first created by Kenneth Johnson as a TV mini-series, is remade in 2009 by ABC televison. The main story remaining the same, the fiction and the story-telling is more up-to-date, more advanced, more cunning and much darker given the technology and circumstances of our present.

This sites features content (news stories, reviews, commentaries, photos and video clips, etc.) covering both the 80’s version, and the 2009 re-make.

For latest updates and upcoming episode spoilers, and related resources, do not miss the V (Visitors) Blog section of this web site.

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