V Visitors in the 80’s

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V in the Eighties


V was produced by the Warner Bros Television as a 4-hour mini-series and aired for the first time on May 1983 on NBC TV network. The genius behind the production was the all-in-one creator, screenwriter, director and the producer  Kenneth Johnson. As V scored an all time high rating, NBC ordered a sequel, In fact what the TV network really wanted then was a weekly series, on the other hand for Warner Bros this was not quite possible given the budget limitations.

After a year, V The Final Battle was made as another 3-episode mini-series a total of 6 hours. Although Kenneth Johnson supervised the screenwriting, he left the project shortly thereafter. Daniel Blatt and Robert Singer took over as executive producers.

V the Final Battle made huge success. NBC, then did whatever it took to see to it that a sequel weekly series to be produced. Each episode of V the series costed more than $ 1000,000 on average and the series were continued till the end of 1985.





Giant spaceships with a diameter of several miles appear in the skies of fifty major cities of different countries all around the world. Shortly they broadcast a radio message to be heard in the own language of each country, claiming that they come in peace, and with the objective of collaboration. To establish the first contact, they ask for a rendez-vous with the secretary general of the United Nations.

Just like us (homo-sapiens) in appearence, the Visitors state that because of the environmental problems on their planet, their survival depends on supplying certain chemicals from the Earth, and offer that should we agree to provide them, they will share their know-how and technology to bring remedies to our agricultural, medical (e.g. the treatment for cancer) and scientific problems - an offer we could hardly refuse.

Mike Donovan a newsman skeptical of the visitors, sneaks aboard one of their motherships and obtains some confidential information and shoots some video revealing the true colors of the visitors.

The real motive for the Visitors is to take all the water on Earth, convert some of the humans into their own soldiers and capture the rest and store them in cocoons as food. In addition, it turns out that the visitors are far from being human as they seem, but some alien species like lizards covering their entire body and faces with an organic mask which resembles human skin, and they feed on mice, insects and humans.

Meanwhile some human scientists begin to disappear mysteriously. Although the humans apparently have no chance against the visitors (esp. given their technologic level in the 80s), the visitors eliminate human scientists by either converting them so as to make them switch to their side, or just capturing as food material, to leave off the humans totally defenseless against them.

There’s only one thing left to do for a small group of people who are aware what’s going on, establish a secret under-ground resistance movement to fight against the visitors, to win back the freedom for humanity...